On-Demand Webinar: Navigating the Path to DevOps Maturity in the Real-World

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are talked about everywhere you turn. Implementing these approaches can bring market-leading innovation by accelerating the software delivery process. But how?! You can’t even get Dev and Ops to talk much less automate your entire process. In this webinar, we will discuss real-world challenges encountered in implementing DevOps and show how a simplified four quadrant maturity model can be used to assess your current state and guide you in your implementations.

By attending this talk attendees will:

  • Hear from Forrester Research on the latest industry analysis of DevOps maturity
  • Learn about the four quadrants of DevOps maturity
  • Hear about some of the hurdles faced in implementing CD and DevOps
  • Hear a real-world success story from a leading enterprise software company
  • Discover how to use a simple DevOps maturity assessment to identify the right solutions for you

Read this whitepaper: Assessing DevOps Maturity Using a Quadrant Model to start your journey to DevOps success!

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